Friday, June 10, 2011

The Hangover Part 2

There's a lot of great movies this year. And I am not planning in skipping them all out. Unfortunately, I've been pretty busy this past few days, in result, got a little to no time in watching a movie. Good thing, one of my many good friends, helped me with my many task for the day that made me have the break that I needed, even just for a day.

So I started with "Hangover 2". After watching the movie, I was like - "Wait, that was weird" then my friend goes, "I know!! F*cking hilarious". Then I said, "No, not the movie, well, yeah it is actually the movie. But no, wait, that's not what I meant. What I'm trying to say is, why the hell did we watched this, I haven't seen the first one?!". Then we all started laughing. But anyways, I understood the story well, and liked it. I kinda see myself in them, you know, the three lead guys. How? Let me tell you about it...

See, my cousins and I are really close. Well, not that close that we tell each other everything. In fact, we really don't know much about each other 'cause we only meet like every time there's a family celebration and since our family is big, we celebrate it at our home, which is also big to fit us all. 

So why do I say that me and my cousins are really close? Really close by alcohol. I know what your thinking, that we're all alcoholic, drunken teens, but no, we drink 'cause there's a celebration going on. Did that even make sense? Anyways, so yeah, every time there's a party at our home, alcohol will always be present, I mean, all parties have it, some just have wine; actually we do too, sometimes.

Its amazing actually 'cause our relatives actually give us money to buy our own alcohol. And we don't just stick with beers. You name it, and I'm pretty sure we've already tried it. Cool huh? But I know some parents won't agree with them, I say - mind your own business. Kidding. Its all good, we're all at the legal age anyways.

So every time there's a party, we always drink. And mostly we do the parties during Friday, so by the next, there's no classes for us and kids (we have lots of children in our family now). And most of my relatives are the bosses, so they can really skip work. 

Back to I was saying, we always drink when there's a family party, except for children parties, no alcohol allowed, obviously.

We often finish drinking the next day, and just like at the movie, we mostly forgot everything that had happened. And we mostly find ourselves in the most odd places when we wake up. Like there was this one time, my cousin woke up at the gate and the guard doing some rounds woke him up. It was all messed up, he thought he was going to jail. My other cousin woke up in the comfort room, lying on his own vomit, now that's just gross. The other one woke up in pool! But don't worry, his body wasn't literally in the pool, just his feet. But when he woke, his feet was all wrinkly. There's a whole lot more, but if I tell them all, I think it will take me hours, 'cause trust, when I tell you everything you wouldn't understand, I will have to tell you all from the beginning.

Also, I have a lot of cousins. And if I write everything what happened during and after and like I said I would even have to include the before part, I swear they will kill me! And of course, I wouldn't say where I ended waking up, you might use it against me. Smarty-pants!

Now that is just at one event, the recent one actually. But we're family, so we all just laugh when we talk about it. Its fun, its very stress free. I mean, I know drinking too much is bad, but we don't really drink like every day. And drinking every now and then, is like, a break for me, for us. You know, from all the stress of school, work, the everyday problems that I face. That also goes for my cousins. But of course, I also do some other relaxing activities to relieve my stress, not just drinking. Just so you know.

Also, just FYI, we have never woken up in another far away place after drinking. But we did woke up in another place, its kinda far, but not as far as Bangkok. That is just insane.

So, I really didn't talked about the movie, huh? Well to let you know, I enjoyed it. I just advised the children no to watch. But, if you allow your kids (if you have kids) or your younger relatives, or siblings, I mean, go ahead, I wouldn't want to get in between you and your family.

You all know that's a joke, right? Right.

So... Who else had a Hangover recently? Raise your empty glasses, and fill them up 'cause we are thirst-eh!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Chariol Necklace with Heart Pendant with Diamond

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Original Necklace Case

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Philip Stein Teslar MOP

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Friday, June 3, 2011

It's My Plate (Re-blogged)

Hi friends!  I just decided to start a log of the many dining places I go to mainly just to share the experience.  My prayer is for this to blossom into a worthy food blog, that is not just another food blog.  How different--well, it will hopefully be different one day.  Let's start with things that are remarkable!  With your comments, this will soon grow into something we will all enjoy.

Some might not agree with me at times.  No problem there.  Speak out.  What is in my plate isn't in your plate and there will always be a plate for everybody. 

My lunch plate today was at UPPER EAST (NDC Building, Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village).  Lovely place--I love the decor and wish I thought of it myself.  This is the definition of cozy!  Time seems to tick slower in this restaurant oblivious of the buzz of Makati.  

Lunch started with Mushroom soup that had chopped fresh mushrooms in a creamy cheesey soup.  That was different.  And a nice muffin on the side.  Never trief muffin and soup before, but it was a great way to start!  I had a big plate of  Classic Meatloaf--a big slab of meatloaf topped with melted cheese, sitting on a bed of mashed potatoes amidst a lake of gravy.  It was a BIGGG serving, shared it with Papi; on the condition he let me try the porkchop.  Very reminiscent of home--made me want to make meatloaf for the weekend.  On second thoughts, I'll spare myself the trouble and just come back for more. :-)))  And the porkchop was a good choice, too--smoked, tender, juicy, it's sooo good that you won't feel guilty eating the fat.  Eclairs are not to be missed.  Tried both the vanilla and mocha eclairs--wonderful meal enders.  Missed the chocolate eclair, but there will be a next time, and a next, and a next.

Aside from the food, I noticed something remarkable--there was only one server today, and she happens to be the manager, too.  Well, Upper East is the laboratory restaurant of AHA Philippines, and school hasn't resumed, so it's just the full-time kitchen staff and the manager running the place.  But, this goes to show that the number of waiters in a restau doesn't guarantee good service--it's about efficiency, baby!  The meal was well-timed, water constantly refilled, we felt taken cared of--even as there were several other diners to attend to.  Thumbs up. Miss Malou!

Upper East: remarkable!

Change plate, please . . .

Re-blogged from my former professor, Ms. Germaine Salvador, as requested by Erica
Here is the link of the original: It's My Plate

Friday, May 27, 2011


Manila Food and Beverage Expo 2011

It is the time of the year again where all professionals from the industry come together in one hall, one event, and showcase talents, products and service, this is the MAFBEX 2011.

It is the most comprehensive food show in the country. It is an Expo of small and large scale of food business, attracting buyers and promote local and international food products and businesses. It offers a whole range of food, beverage and equipment from many parts of the world. It is certainly an event where you can gain a lot of knowledge from the latest in the Agricultural Industry.

My school had been supporting MAFBEX for years already. Even though I'm no longer a part of my school since I graduated, I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing there booth there, and so are the other culinary schools.

See you there!

Entrance Fee is 50php.

The Great Luxe Sale 2011

It is the First Luxury Sale in the Metro for 2011. 

Enjoy up to 70% discounts on your favorite brands like Adidas, Nike, Sanuk, Giordano and whole lot more. Not just clothes but gadgets too. Even your favorite celebrities and models will sell they're own personal stuffs too! Come and shop items for less.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RANT 5/23/11

My friend told me a story and I want to share it all to you. Don't worry, I asked permission and he agrees.

My friend just want to rant about something that gets him irritated these days. As in everyday! He never really thought having this Belle around would be so difficult for his part. Not that he don't want her here, he actually like it, 'cause Belle is the only one that can brighten up his day even if his all down and angry with another person, that is Love. Now shes is the reason why my friend is all irritated. Let me tell you about it.

See, Love was pregnant. And as all pregnant women, after a few months, she needs to stop working 'cause her due date is just months or almost weeks away. So there, shes out of work, but it doesn't really matter 'cause she owns that business, so clearly she can stop working anytime she wants. 

Now, she already gave birth, thats Belle, and she is now 7 months old, and he don't know whats with Love, but shes stuck with Belle all the time. My friend told me that Love even hired a nanny, but she never let the nanny touch the baby, shes still the one doing everything. And up to now, Love is still not working, no wonder they don't have any money. My friend said that he actually know why shes not working, its because Love's business is really not making profit anymore and is now on sale. He told me that there are buyers already but Love is still waiting for someone. The employees said that they already want to sell it to this other buyer even if it doesn't meet the price stated by Love. The business has so many liabilities on the bank and to other people, including the employees, I mean, he told me that the last time the employees received their salary was December of 2010, good thing all employees are understandable and close to the owner. If Love will not pay her dues as soon as possible, she'll be facing court hirings and probably jail time. Now, the employees is handling all the problems of the business, just 'cause Love isn't working. Take note, the business is just behind the building that Love lives, so can't she just leave the baby for a while with another relative and check on her business and actually do her part as the owner.

So, my friend told me, that even if they don't have money anymore, Love still buys a lot of useless things for Belle. I mean, he knows that Belle is  a baby and needs all the attention and new stuffs, but it doesn't mean Love have to spent all the money she has left just to buy Belle many stuffs. And when she's home, he told me that shes does nothing but Facebook and does online shopping for new clothes for Belle. It seems like she doesn't even care if her employees is facing all the problems of the business. She doesn't even prioritize to find  buyers of the business that will meet her demand price. 

Now, my friend should be going on his International Internship this July at China, but Love told my friend they have no money for that now, which caused him to be so irritated and mad. He told me that when it comes to Belle, Love has money, but when it comes to him, they have no money. In my opinion, I know its hard being a single parent for two kids, but isn't that parent should be working double time and as hard as before 'cause she has now two kids? Even if my friend already graduated, Love cannot just leave my friend on the side just like that, theres still payments and school related my friend has to do and to complete. I mean, I know this Internship is planned way before Belle was made, and now she tells him that they have no money for the Internship now. If not now, when will they have money? When Love isn't working or finding other jobs or not even trying to save her own business.

So I said on the previous paragraph that Love is a single parent, but why is there a Belle on the picture? Yes, Love had an affair with another man, her boyfriend, her so-called wallet for Belle. Which means that all the expenses for Belle is divided into halves, some for the father and some for Love.

My friend swore that he will do everything just so he can go to China this July for his International Internship. He told me he cannot back out anymore since he already made promise to his classmate that he will go with him. His classmate even backed out on Australia and Malaysia even if he already paid like hundreds of dollars already on that certain agency for both countries. 

Well, its clearly, Loves fault, she should have said no when my friend told him about this China Internship, by that way, he wouldn't commit with this. Now, its too late. And also my friend told me one reason why he thinks why they don't have money. See, Love was supposed to give birth the normal way, but, the doctor decided it should be cesarean (I don't know if I spelled it right). So obviously, they have to pay a lot 'cause of the operation, also to the doctor. Also for the room, and stuffs. Love quit smoking when she was pregnant but the doctor advised her to still not smoke 'cause of the reason my friend forgot. But 'cause Love is very hard headed and wants to re-gain her figure fast, she smoked cigarettes again. Which caused her to be back at the hospital a couple of weeks later, meaning another expense. My friend told me they even have to spend Christmas on the hospital 'cause Love was there. So when Love got out of hospital, she still smoke. You got problems woman! I think she has a death wish or something.

So clearly, Love is my friends mother, and Belle is his sister.

I feel you my friend, hate your mom. Its normal, just don't hate her forever. When you get all wealthy, just her the money she deserves.

So much hate and drama on this posts.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer Heat 2011

I know its kinda late for this posts, since summer already started like a month ago but  I don't mind. I just want to make this posts.


It is the most awaited season of all kids in our, basically since we only have two seasons. And what do most people do during summer? Yes, your right, go to the beach and have a swim. Enjoy the heat of the sun and water from them beach. Cocktails by the beach, sun bathing, even moon bathing, and sand castles.

Like every other summer, its always hot, like every single everyday. This summer, its extra hot. Even if its night time, its still hot. Some people would rather spend their day inside an air-conditioned room instead of the beach. Even if your not doing anything, sweat will still be dropping on the floor from your body. The heat is certainly unbearable. Heat from the sun, plus the heat of the air.

But even so, everyone still goes to the beach, some at a private resort with a swimming pool, and have a dip on that cold water and relieve the inflicting heat from the sun even just for a little while. It is a tradition for all Filipinos, and probably all over the world, that every summer, the first thing comes to mind is the beach.

But everyone must remember, a dip in the water to ease this summers' heat is the risk if exposing yourself to the sun, resulting to sun burn and skin darkening. That is if its in the afternoon, where the suns rays is most harmful to the skin. Sun block/ sun screen is the number one lotion everyone should carry during this hot summer days. Even if your not at the beach, or going swimming, it is still very essential to put on sun screen. I've read  a few tips from a celebrity in a magazine on how to have healthy skin, it is to apply sun block everyday, even if your not exposed to the sun that often, or even if its not summer. I must say it is effective.

Summer is fun, summer is a bikini, summer is a... Okay, I forgot the other lines. Sounds familiar? Yes, its the one being plugged on one radio station. 

Anyways, whatever is summer is to you. Let no one and nothing come between you and that summer happiness you've waited for so long. The sun is just up there at the sky, and your down here on earth, do whatever you want, whenever you want. Just remember to always have a sun screen with you, a towel, a bottle of water, and a swim wear. Your all set! Dive into the pool or beach.

What am I saying. It's SUMMER baby! Suuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! (Screaming from the top of my lungs!)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

AHA - The Stairs of NDC Bldg.

Just in case your wondering whats AHA stands for, its American Hospitality Academy. Its an American Culinary school, which I graduated from with an Associates Degree in International Culinary Arts. Cool huh? But wait, graduated already? You asked why too soon? Its because the Associates degree course in AHA is just 2 years and 6 months. 2 years of learning at the schools campus, at the same time, we also have our Local Internship. And the remaining 6 months is for our International Internship, which will start this coming July 2011.

But this posts is not about my school, the degree I graduated with, my internship, or myself. It is not also about the steps on the stairs of NDC Bldg., which is the title of this posts (obviously). But it is about the people who I may say, have stepped in to those stairs many times. People who took a lot of photos on those steps, and actually made that stairs one of the official "tambayan". It is about the people who I call, my batchmates, my second family, my friends and most importantly, people close to my heart. (This is the part where you should have teary eyes)

These are just few of the people who have walked in to these steps, including myself. We have made a lot of unforgettable memories in this stairs, memories that will Haunt us forever. Okay fine, not haunt, but memories that will be Cherished.

Let me tell you some few words about each person on the photo above. I'll start with..

CHERDEN - This girl is the singer and model of the batch. She sings really good and she does modeling. Well, not professional modeling, but she does pose for photographers in the making, and stuffs. But really, she's a good in singing. I can see a bright future for her on stage with a mic. When it comes to parties organized by our batch, whether its a birthday, or a formal gathering, she is always present. And this girl will always dress to kill!

JEN - This girl used to be best friends with Cherden, I don't really know what happened between their fight, so lets just scratch that. Again, this girl, you may think that she's mataray because of her signature look (the eyebrow thingy), but she's not. She's actually nice and will defend you and back you up whenever you got into a fight.

JACKIE - This fat girl is not my batchmate, but she happens to be really close with us. This girl is a band fanatic, she mostly follows her favorite band in their gig. That band would be Callalily. Yes, the one with Kean Ciprano. We used to hang out together before, but it stopped when she graduated.

EUGENE - This guy is very makulit. As in he will make fun of you most of the time. On our first day of classes, he was the energetic one, its as if we have all known him for a long time. I could say he is one of the clowns in our batch, always making jokes and making everyone laugh. 

JOYCE - I don't even know what to say. This girl, is the most funny person that ever stepped foot at AHA. She is super funny! Even if she ain't trying to be funny, she is. She's not funny because she says good jokes, but the way she says things, and how she said it, its so damn funny. As in theres times that we just can't stop laughing, and we mostly end up crying because of too much laughing. Its like the air that just releases is laughing gas. Okay, that is just weird, at the same time awesome. Right? Right!

PATRICIA - This lady, is one of the pretty faces at AHA. She is very beautiful and sexy. A lot of guys have a crush on her 'cause of her genuine beauty and sex appeal. You can clearly see it on the picture above. Another thing about her that we, and AHA faculty will never forget, is that she sleeps.... a loooooooooot (Yes, with a lot of O's). At our class, she'll be awake for the first five minutes, but expect that she will fall asleep, and will not wake up unless someone, willing enough, to do so. 'Cause honestly, we also find her very funny, so whenever she's sleeps at class, we all just say 'Nah, whats new', and we'll laugh at her and take pictures. She has the most number of sleeps in all of our subjects at AHA. And everywhere we go, when she wants to sleep, she'll definitely sleep. She's the one whom everyone calls "Masandal, tulog"

PATRICK- Handsome.

KELVIN - This guy is the MVP of the batch. As in the Most Valuable Player. He is really good at playing Basketball. He is one of the reasons why our batch won 3 consecutive championships at our schools Sports Fest competing with other batches. He also had a huge crush on Noeme, also on the picture, but he was too torpe to ask her out, but in the end, with the help of his friends, they ended be together. So sweet! We used to call him Big Daddy, and now he has found a Big Mommy, which is perfect for the part 'cause, you know (Refer to the photo above for the reason).

SOPHIA - We call her soapy, or sometimes soap. She enrolled late on our batch, 'cause she just transferred from Mirriam College. She is also one of the pretty faces on AHA, which you cannot see 'cause of her hair. She's not emo or anything, I guess she just not in the mood. She's very classy, well-mannered girl. Very out-spoken and will tussle with you on issues. Smart! But, after a couple of semesters, she transferred again to another Culinary School, due to matters I don't want to say. We all thought that she has a crush on Kevin, also on the picture, I never really did confirm that rumor, but I guess its a yes? Maybe. But even if she do has a crush on him, its already in the past and Soap has a boyfriend now. And besides, it will never work out for Soap and Kevin. Why you asked? Find out below.

KEVIN - This guy, or something, is very organized and smart. He always prioritize his studies, thats why his the top one in our batch. I'm not saying we don't prioritize our studies, its just his more upfront about it. Well, its understandable, his already 23, and most of my batchmates, including myself are just 17-19 y/o. Just like what he told me, his mother was a smart enough not sending him straight to college after high school. She let him first enjoy his life, you know, like any teenager, drink, drink, drink, drink, and drink. So now, I guess his all puked out of drinking, and is focusing on school. But he stopped schooling for the reason no one knows (So much for focusing on school, huh). I think because his precious secret was out. Maybe. And oh, why Soap and Kevin will never happen? Its because.... uhm.... his.... okay, lets put it this way, Sophia and Kevin have something in common, they both like guys.

NOEME - This is the girl who I'm referring to on Kelvin's. This girl is also a smartypants. She transferred from the University of Santo Tomas. She is also organized and well-mannered. She is our batch's class representative which makes her always first on everything. Like first to sign up for a class waiver, first to know whats the announcements, and first on the Student Assistance list, and many more stuffs that matters to all of us, but it seems like she all wants it for herself (Kidding)! All, I mean few of my classmates sometimes gets irritated  because of it, theres times she becomes selfish and stubborn. But at the end of the day, we're all friends, so we're cool... but she's not. Kidding!! We're okay, we're fine, baby I'm here to stop your troubles, chase all the ghost from your head, stronger than the monster beneath your bed... Weeeeeh?!

MICO - This is the feeling cool guy at our batch. Nah, his cool. Swag. You may think his a easy-go-lucky person and some random teenager and a Jejemon based on the photo above, but his not. His also actually a almost smartypants, well, sometimes. But the biggest mark he has made, is when he won a Gold Medal on a Culinary Competition at Singapore. Bravo to you! Enough about the Jejemico, lets talk about the cool Mico. We were never really close, but we found something both we like, beer. And thats where it all started. We hang out with a bunch of other cool people, mostly to party and of course, to drink! Well, we don't drink everyday, just some other day when theres no classes, or when were bored and got nothing to do, or when were pissed at Chef Gene and his f*cked up school policies, or lets just say whenever we want to. Happy Thursday!

Well, there you have it. I've already said to much. But one last thing before I end this, everyone on the photo above have all something in common. It is something great and will be forever a commodity. It is something that is instilled in us and will never vanish. It is something cool and will never be outdated. It is something big, wide and deep! Bigger, wider and deeper than the you could possibly imagine (Screw you pervs!). It is definitely something. Its its its its its its its... our body parts. Weeeh?! Kidding! I know, its lame! Whatever. But seriously, its the knowledge of Professional Cooking. Obviously! I mean the school wouldn't allow us to graduate if we weren't, right?! Right. 

So yeah, there you have it. The people on the steps of NDC Bldg., posing for the camera.

But really, its not important where you are in taking pictures, whats important is the people your with. Your friends.. Your family. (Awww.. Corny!) LOL

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Midnight Snack vs. Midnight Meal

I have a question for all of you, who here always or sometimes take midnight snacks?

I know not everyone take midnight snacks, but I also know a lot of people nowadays do. I think, basically, because a large number of people is awake at night. The call center agents, people working over time, celebrities on the road/ location, and even just the people at home, staying up late or waking up hungry.

So the next question would be, is it really a midnight snack? Or a midnight meal?

I always have midnight snacks with me, and since last week, I've been thinking whether to still call it as midnight snack since I've been eating rice and a whole lot more and ended up being full. I mean, its a snack, right? So it has to be just a minimum amount of food intake, and as much as possible no sweets included. Primarily 'cause your taking it at midnight, and as all experts say, you cannot sleep with a full stomach and with sweets included, good luck sleeping.

So I had been monitoring this past few weeks what I've been eating during midnight. And it turns out, it really is a midnight....... meal. I realized that the amount of the food that I eat at dinner as almost the same as the amount of food I take every midnight. Burger, pizza, pasta, cup noodles, salad, etc., so wow, I eat a lot! But not all of those at ones, those are just choices of what I eat at midnights.

Well, nowadays, since its summer and I have no school anymore, permanently, I sleep late, as in sometimes I sleep when the sun rises. So the hunger of midnight meal sometimes doesn't really strike during midnights, it can be anytime of the morning ranging from 1-3am. Thats why I sleep when the sun rises, mostly at 5ish, to let the food go down and be properly digested.

Now I guess you can say that I am nocturnal. But not really, I do get tired and sleepy sometimes at night, the weird thing is, when I'm all prepped up and ready to go to sleep, I can't sleep.

So back to the topic, for me midnight snack contains, a bread or two, butter, and juice or milk. And a midnight meal has a cup or two of rice, and a viand, plus plus (meaning another round of meal, but a different food). Kinda like dinner, or breakfast.

Observe yourselves, keep track on what you eat at midnight. Is it a snack? Or a meal?

"Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are"

My 2011 so far..

I honestly don't know where to begin, half of the year, so much has happened already.

Well, I started the year happy. I received a lot of blessings from last year and I keep on receiving more. I welcomed 2011 with my very first sister which is great. I always dreamed about having a sister on my own and now I finally have. After 18 years, can you imagine that?! 18 years gap! 

Also this year, I graduated! Also another reason to be joyous and ecstatic. Graduate with an Associates Degree in International Culinary Arts, sweet! By this year, I am going on my International Internship at China with some of my classmates who graduated with me. 

I also have been to so many places, some places I've been to, also new places. Gained new friends, and knowledge along the way. From Antipolo, Palawan, Boracay, Batangas, Bicol and so much more. All local destinations cause I recently just renewed my passport, which was I think due last year. Lazy me.

And, I will never forget the time that I auditioned for something. I have auditioned for something before, but those are just at school. This year, I auditioned in being a dj on the radio (Junior Jock). I know what your thinking (those people who actually and personally know me), I could never be a dj cause I talk so fast that no one can understand what I'm saying. Well you thought right, I didn't passed the audition but they gave compliments. They said that I was fluent in English and I talk good, I just need to practice speaking slowly.

This year, I'm also back at the gym, I stopped last year cause of the stress at school. Now I'm finally back. Regaining the muscles and abs that was lost. Yes, I have abs. Not that 6 pack like Taylor Lautner, but almost.

Learned a lot of different dishes too this year, even got the chance to cook them myself. Got of lots of compliments from my family who was the very first taster. And I heard some negative comments too.

Watched the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 with some of my cousins and friends. Got VIP tickets, so cool! Also got the chance to watch JB'S concert, awesome. Well, I'm not really a Bieber fan, but who can say no to free tickets, right?

This year just keeps getting better. I wish it stays that way, actually, I'm planning to. Though I may have encountered few problems along the way, I still found a way out of them.

If the year 2011 is great, I can't wait for 2012, when I'm already working and earning money on my own!

* No photos for other matters on this posts cause its with my cousins & friends laptops & camera.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back at Blogger.

I'm here again. I deleted my account before, and now I'm back. Basically, I was bored and wanted to write/ blog again. I have a Tumblr account but I think nowadays Tumblr is all about photo blog posts, I mean I rarely see any blog posts on Tumblr that contains words only. Most of them are photos or videos.

That's what I like about this site, people can really showcase their talents in writing, share their blog posts, that contains words, and not just photos. I'm not against Tumblr or anything, I just don't want to see my blog post there that has actual words on it with those other posts with just photos or videos.

Enough about that, I don't want to attack some other site on my opening entry. Note that this is not my actual first entry, this is just my opening posts, to welcome myself back on blogger.

So I'm back, who cares? I know.

Next up, my first entry posts.