Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RANT 5/23/11

My friend told me a story and I want to share it all to you. Don't worry, I asked permission and he agrees.

My friend just want to rant about something that gets him irritated these days. As in everyday! He never really thought having this Belle around would be so difficult for his part. Not that he don't want her here, he actually like it, 'cause Belle is the only one that can brighten up his day even if his all down and angry with another person, that is Love. Now shes is the reason why my friend is all irritated. Let me tell you about it.

See, Love was pregnant. And as all pregnant women, after a few months, she needs to stop working 'cause her due date is just months or almost weeks away. So there, shes out of work, but it doesn't really matter 'cause she owns that business, so clearly she can stop working anytime she wants. 

Now, she already gave birth, thats Belle, and she is now 7 months old, and he don't know whats with Love, but shes stuck with Belle all the time. My friend told me that Love even hired a nanny, but she never let the nanny touch the baby, shes still the one doing everything. And up to now, Love is still not working, no wonder they don't have any money. My friend said that he actually know why shes not working, its because Love's business is really not making profit anymore and is now on sale. He told me that there are buyers already but Love is still waiting for someone. The employees said that they already want to sell it to this other buyer even if it doesn't meet the price stated by Love. The business has so many liabilities on the bank and to other people, including the employees, I mean, he told me that the last time the employees received their salary was December of 2010, good thing all employees are understandable and close to the owner. If Love will not pay her dues as soon as possible, she'll be facing court hirings and probably jail time. Now, the employees is handling all the problems of the business, just 'cause Love isn't working. Take note, the business is just behind the building that Love lives, so can't she just leave the baby for a while with another relative and check on her business and actually do her part as the owner.

So, my friend told me, that even if they don't have money anymore, Love still buys a lot of useless things for Belle. I mean, he knows that Belle is  a baby and needs all the attention and new stuffs, but it doesn't mean Love have to spent all the money she has left just to buy Belle many stuffs. And when she's home, he told me that shes does nothing but Facebook and does online shopping for new clothes for Belle. It seems like she doesn't even care if her employees is facing all the problems of the business. She doesn't even prioritize to find  buyers of the business that will meet her demand price. 

Now, my friend should be going on his International Internship this July at China, but Love told my friend they have no money for that now, which caused him to be so irritated and mad. He told me that when it comes to Belle, Love has money, but when it comes to him, they have no money. In my opinion, I know its hard being a single parent for two kids, but isn't that parent should be working double time and as hard as before 'cause she has now two kids? Even if my friend already graduated, Love cannot just leave my friend on the side just like that, theres still payments and school related my friend has to do and to complete. I mean, I know this Internship is planned way before Belle was made, and now she tells him that they have no money for the Internship now. If not now, when will they have money? When Love isn't working or finding other jobs or not even trying to save her own business.

So I said on the previous paragraph that Love is a single parent, but why is there a Belle on the picture? Yes, Love had an affair with another man, her boyfriend, her so-called wallet for Belle. Which means that all the expenses for Belle is divided into halves, some for the father and some for Love.

My friend swore that he will do everything just so he can go to China this July for his International Internship. He told me he cannot back out anymore since he already made promise to his classmate that he will go with him. His classmate even backed out on Australia and Malaysia even if he already paid like hundreds of dollars already on that certain agency for both countries. 

Well, its clearly, Loves fault, she should have said no when my friend told him about this China Internship, by that way, he wouldn't commit with this. Now, its too late. And also my friend told me one reason why he thinks why they don't have money. See, Love was supposed to give birth the normal way, but, the doctor decided it should be cesarean (I don't know if I spelled it right). So obviously, they have to pay a lot 'cause of the operation, also to the doctor. Also for the room, and stuffs. Love quit smoking when she was pregnant but the doctor advised her to still not smoke 'cause of the reason my friend forgot. But 'cause Love is very hard headed and wants to re-gain her figure fast, she smoked cigarettes again. Which caused her to be back at the hospital a couple of weeks later, meaning another expense. My friend told me they even have to spend Christmas on the hospital 'cause Love was there. So when Love got out of hospital, she still smoke. You got problems woman! I think she has a death wish or something.

So clearly, Love is my friends mother, and Belle is his sister.

I feel you my friend, hate your mom. Its normal, just don't hate her forever. When you get all wealthy, just her the money she deserves.

So much hate and drama on this posts.