Thursday, May 19, 2011

AHA - The Stairs of NDC Bldg.

Just in case your wondering whats AHA stands for, its American Hospitality Academy. Its an American Culinary school, which I graduated from with an Associates Degree in International Culinary Arts. Cool huh? But wait, graduated already? You asked why too soon? Its because the Associates degree course in AHA is just 2 years and 6 months. 2 years of learning at the schools campus, at the same time, we also have our Local Internship. And the remaining 6 months is for our International Internship, which will start this coming July 2011.

But this posts is not about my school, the degree I graduated with, my internship, or myself. It is not also about the steps on the stairs of NDC Bldg., which is the title of this posts (obviously). But it is about the people who I may say, have stepped in to those stairs many times. People who took a lot of photos on those steps, and actually made that stairs one of the official "tambayan". It is about the people who I call, my batchmates, my second family, my friends and most importantly, people close to my heart. (This is the part where you should have teary eyes)

These are just few of the people who have walked in to these steps, including myself. We have made a lot of unforgettable memories in this stairs, memories that will Haunt us forever. Okay fine, not haunt, but memories that will be Cherished.

Let me tell you some few words about each person on the photo above. I'll start with..

CHERDEN - This girl is the singer and model of the batch. She sings really good and she does modeling. Well, not professional modeling, but she does pose for photographers in the making, and stuffs. But really, she's a good in singing. I can see a bright future for her on stage with a mic. When it comes to parties organized by our batch, whether its a birthday, or a formal gathering, she is always present. And this girl will always dress to kill!

JEN - This girl used to be best friends with Cherden, I don't really know what happened between their fight, so lets just scratch that. Again, this girl, you may think that she's mataray because of her signature look (the eyebrow thingy), but she's not. She's actually nice and will defend you and back you up whenever you got into a fight.

JACKIE - This fat girl is not my batchmate, but she happens to be really close with us. This girl is a band fanatic, she mostly follows her favorite band in their gig. That band would be Callalily. Yes, the one with Kean Ciprano. We used to hang out together before, but it stopped when she graduated.

EUGENE - This guy is very makulit. As in he will make fun of you most of the time. On our first day of classes, he was the energetic one, its as if we have all known him for a long time. I could say he is one of the clowns in our batch, always making jokes and making everyone laugh. 

JOYCE - I don't even know what to say. This girl, is the most funny person that ever stepped foot at AHA. She is super funny! Even if she ain't trying to be funny, she is. She's not funny because she says good jokes, but the way she says things, and how she said it, its so damn funny. As in theres times that we just can't stop laughing, and we mostly end up crying because of too much laughing. Its like the air that just releases is laughing gas. Okay, that is just weird, at the same time awesome. Right? Right!

PATRICIA - This lady, is one of the pretty faces at AHA. She is very beautiful and sexy. A lot of guys have a crush on her 'cause of her genuine beauty and sex appeal. You can clearly see it on the picture above. Another thing about her that we, and AHA faculty will never forget, is that she sleeps.... a loooooooooot (Yes, with a lot of O's). At our class, she'll be awake for the first five minutes, but expect that she will fall asleep, and will not wake up unless someone, willing enough, to do so. 'Cause honestly, we also find her very funny, so whenever she's sleeps at class, we all just say 'Nah, whats new', and we'll laugh at her and take pictures. She has the most number of sleeps in all of our subjects at AHA. And everywhere we go, when she wants to sleep, she'll definitely sleep. She's the one whom everyone calls "Masandal, tulog"

PATRICK- Handsome.

KELVIN - This guy is the MVP of the batch. As in the Most Valuable Player. He is really good at playing Basketball. He is one of the reasons why our batch won 3 consecutive championships at our schools Sports Fest competing with other batches. He also had a huge crush on Noeme, also on the picture, but he was too torpe to ask her out, but in the end, with the help of his friends, they ended be together. So sweet! We used to call him Big Daddy, and now he has found a Big Mommy, which is perfect for the part 'cause, you know (Refer to the photo above for the reason).

SOPHIA - We call her soapy, or sometimes soap. She enrolled late on our batch, 'cause she just transferred from Mirriam College. She is also one of the pretty faces on AHA, which you cannot see 'cause of her hair. She's not emo or anything, I guess she just not in the mood. She's very classy, well-mannered girl. Very out-spoken and will tussle with you on issues. Smart! But, after a couple of semesters, she transferred again to another Culinary School, due to matters I don't want to say. We all thought that she has a crush on Kevin, also on the picture, I never really did confirm that rumor, but I guess its a yes? Maybe. But even if she do has a crush on him, its already in the past and Soap has a boyfriend now. And besides, it will never work out for Soap and Kevin. Why you asked? Find out below.

KEVIN - This guy, or something, is very organized and smart. He always prioritize his studies, thats why his the top one in our batch. I'm not saying we don't prioritize our studies, its just his more upfront about it. Well, its understandable, his already 23, and most of my batchmates, including myself are just 17-19 y/o. Just like what he told me, his mother was a smart enough not sending him straight to college after high school. She let him first enjoy his life, you know, like any teenager, drink, drink, drink, drink, and drink. So now, I guess his all puked out of drinking, and is focusing on school. But he stopped schooling for the reason no one knows (So much for focusing on school, huh). I think because his precious secret was out. Maybe. And oh, why Soap and Kevin will never happen? Its because.... uhm.... his.... okay, lets put it this way, Sophia and Kevin have something in common, they both like guys.

NOEME - This is the girl who I'm referring to on Kelvin's. This girl is also a smartypants. She transferred from the University of Santo Tomas. She is also organized and well-mannered. She is our batch's class representative which makes her always first on everything. Like first to sign up for a class waiver, first to know whats the announcements, and first on the Student Assistance list, and many more stuffs that matters to all of us, but it seems like she all wants it for herself (Kidding)! All, I mean few of my classmates sometimes gets irritated  because of it, theres times she becomes selfish and stubborn. But at the end of the day, we're all friends, so we're cool... but she's not. Kidding!! We're okay, we're fine, baby I'm here to stop your troubles, chase all the ghost from your head, stronger than the monster beneath your bed... Weeeeeh?!

MICO - This is the feeling cool guy at our batch. Nah, his cool. Swag. You may think his a easy-go-lucky person and some random teenager and a Jejemon based on the photo above, but his not. His also actually a almost smartypants, well, sometimes. But the biggest mark he has made, is when he won a Gold Medal on a Culinary Competition at Singapore. Bravo to you! Enough about the Jejemico, lets talk about the cool Mico. We were never really close, but we found something both we like, beer. And thats where it all started. We hang out with a bunch of other cool people, mostly to party and of course, to drink! Well, we don't drink everyday, just some other day when theres no classes, or when were bored and got nothing to do, or when were pissed at Chef Gene and his f*cked up school policies, or lets just say whenever we want to. Happy Thursday!

Well, there you have it. I've already said to much. But one last thing before I end this, everyone on the photo above have all something in common. It is something great and will be forever a commodity. It is something that is instilled in us and will never vanish. It is something cool and will never be outdated. It is something big, wide and deep! Bigger, wider and deeper than the you could possibly imagine (Screw you pervs!). It is definitely something. Its its its its its its its... our body parts. Weeeh?! Kidding! I know, its lame! Whatever. But seriously, its the knowledge of Professional Cooking. Obviously! I mean the school wouldn't allow us to graduate if we weren't, right?! Right. 

So yeah, there you have it. The people on the steps of NDC Bldg., posing for the camera.

But really, its not important where you are in taking pictures, whats important is the people your with. Your friends.. Your family. (Awww.. Corny!) LOL