Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Midnight Snack vs. Midnight Meal

I have a question for all of you, who here always or sometimes take midnight snacks?

I know not everyone take midnight snacks, but I also know a lot of people nowadays do. I think, basically, because a large number of people is awake at night. The call center agents, people working over time, celebrities on the road/ location, and even just the people at home, staying up late or waking up hungry.

So the next question would be, is it really a midnight snack? Or a midnight meal?

I always have midnight snacks with me, and since last week, I've been thinking whether to still call it as midnight snack since I've been eating rice and a whole lot more and ended up being full. I mean, its a snack, right? So it has to be just a minimum amount of food intake, and as much as possible no sweets included. Primarily 'cause your taking it at midnight, and as all experts say, you cannot sleep with a full stomach and with sweets included, good luck sleeping.

So I had been monitoring this past few weeks what I've been eating during midnight. And it turns out, it really is a midnight....... meal. I realized that the amount of the food that I eat at dinner as almost the same as the amount of food I take every midnight. Burger, pizza, pasta, cup noodles, salad, etc., so wow, I eat a lot! But not all of those at ones, those are just choices of what I eat at midnights.

Well, nowadays, since its summer and I have no school anymore, permanently, I sleep late, as in sometimes I sleep when the sun rises. So the hunger of midnight meal sometimes doesn't really strike during midnights, it can be anytime of the morning ranging from 1-3am. Thats why I sleep when the sun rises, mostly at 5ish, to let the food go down and be properly digested.

Now I guess you can say that I am nocturnal. But not really, I do get tired and sleepy sometimes at night, the weird thing is, when I'm all prepped up and ready to go to sleep, I can't sleep.

So back to the topic, for me midnight snack contains, a bread or two, butter, and juice or milk. And a midnight meal has a cup or two of rice, and a viand, plus plus (meaning another round of meal, but a different food). Kinda like dinner, or breakfast.

Observe yourselves, keep track on what you eat at midnight. Is it a snack? Or a meal?

"Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are"