Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back at Blogger.

I'm here again. I deleted my account before, and now I'm back. Basically, I was bored and wanted to write/ blog again. I have a Tumblr account but I think nowadays Tumblr is all about photo blog posts, I mean I rarely see any blog posts on Tumblr that contains words only. Most of them are photos or videos.

That's what I like about this site, people can really showcase their talents in writing, share their blog posts, that contains words, and not just photos. I'm not against Tumblr or anything, I just don't want to see my blog post there that has actual words on it with those other posts with just photos or videos.

Enough about that, I don't want to attack some other site on my opening entry. Note that this is not my actual first entry, this is just my opening posts, to welcome myself back on blogger.

So I'm back, who cares? I know.

Next up, my first entry posts.