Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My 2011 so far..

I honestly don't know where to begin, half of the year, so much has happened already.

Well, I started the year happy. I received a lot of blessings from last year and I keep on receiving more. I welcomed 2011 with my very first sister which is great. I always dreamed about having a sister on my own and now I finally have. After 18 years, can you imagine that?! 18 years gap! 

Also this year, I graduated! Also another reason to be joyous and ecstatic. Graduate with an Associates Degree in International Culinary Arts, sweet! By this year, I am going on my International Internship at China with some of my classmates who graduated with me. 

I also have been to so many places, some places I've been to, also new places. Gained new friends, and knowledge along the way. From Antipolo, Palawan, Boracay, Batangas, Bicol and so much more. All local destinations cause I recently just renewed my passport, which was I think due last year. Lazy me.

And, I will never forget the time that I auditioned for something. I have auditioned for something before, but those are just at school. This year, I auditioned in being a dj on the radio (Junior Jock). I know what your thinking (those people who actually and personally know me), I could never be a dj cause I talk so fast that no one can understand what I'm saying. Well you thought right, I didn't passed the audition but they gave compliments. They said that I was fluent in English and I talk good, I just need to practice speaking slowly.

This year, I'm also back at the gym, I stopped last year cause of the stress at school. Now I'm finally back. Regaining the muscles and abs that was lost. Yes, I have abs. Not that 6 pack like Taylor Lautner, but almost.

Learned a lot of different dishes too this year, even got the chance to cook them myself. Got of lots of compliments from my family who was the very first taster. And I heard some negative comments too.

Watched the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 with some of my cousins and friends. Got VIP tickets, so cool! Also got the chance to watch JB'S concert, awesome. Well, I'm not really a Bieber fan, but who can say no to free tickets, right?

This year just keeps getting better. I wish it stays that way, actually, I'm planning to. Though I may have encountered few problems along the way, I still found a way out of them.

If the year 2011 is great, I can't wait for 2012, when I'm already working and earning money on my own!

* No photos for other matters on this posts cause its with my cousins & friends laptops & camera.