Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer Heat 2011

I know its kinda late for this posts, since summer already started like a month ago but  I don't mind. I just want to make this posts.


It is the most awaited season of all kids in our, basically since we only have two seasons. And what do most people do during summer? Yes, your right, go to the beach and have a swim. Enjoy the heat of the sun and water from them beach. Cocktails by the beach, sun bathing, even moon bathing, and sand castles.

Like every other summer, its always hot, like every single everyday. This summer, its extra hot. Even if its night time, its still hot. Some people would rather spend their day inside an air-conditioned room instead of the beach. Even if your not doing anything, sweat will still be dropping on the floor from your body. The heat is certainly unbearable. Heat from the sun, plus the heat of the air.

But even so, everyone still goes to the beach, some at a private resort with a swimming pool, and have a dip on that cold water and relieve the inflicting heat from the sun even just for a little while. It is a tradition for all Filipinos, and probably all over the world, that every summer, the first thing comes to mind is the beach.

But everyone must remember, a dip in the water to ease this summers' heat is the risk if exposing yourself to the sun, resulting to sun burn and skin darkening. That is if its in the afternoon, where the suns rays is most harmful to the skin. Sun block/ sun screen is the number one lotion everyone should carry during this hot summer days. Even if your not at the beach, or going swimming, it is still very essential to put on sun screen. I've read  a few tips from a celebrity in a magazine on how to have healthy skin, it is to apply sun block everyday, even if your not exposed to the sun that often, or even if its not summer. I must say it is effective.

Summer is fun, summer is a bikini, summer is a... Okay, I forgot the other lines. Sounds familiar? Yes, its the one being plugged on one radio station. 

Anyways, whatever is summer is to you. Let no one and nothing come between you and that summer happiness you've waited for so long. The sun is just up there at the sky, and your down here on earth, do whatever you want, whenever you want. Just remember to always have a sun screen with you, a towel, a bottle of water, and a swim wear. Your all set! Dive into the pool or beach.

What am I saying. It's SUMMER baby! Suuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! (Screaming from the top of my lungs!)