Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 - Face Your Battles

Its been a while since I last wrote a blog post. I wasn't busy, I just didn't know what to write, and I'm just feeling all lazy. Its 2012, and I know its pretty late for this, but I wanna greet you all a..
Happy New Year!
But, this greeting is never to late for all our Chinese friends out there, Happy Lunar New Year! 
Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Anyways, its a new year, its the time to make a change, time to leave all our past behind, and make a fresh start. I started my year visualizing. I try to recall what I have done in the past. I move from days to weeks and months to years. I have become more mature each year. I gained, achieved, loved, and survived. But my life didn't go smoothly, I needed to pass through some obstacles, and I am happy to say that I conquered them all.

That's life, right? You have to go through all these problems. Everybody faces them, including all the wealthiest people out there. As a matter a fact, I think they have more problems that we do. But these problems are really meant for us. These are the ones that makes us strong, and these are our reminders of our every victory. And after every battle that we won, we find happiness inside us and become stronger than ever.

We may not know what 2012 has in store for us. But we know, He will always be there, every step of the way. Just like in the past years, we can survive this. We will be facing battles along the way, we can take a turn and avoid them, but no matter what we do, it will always find a way to block our path. It is best to deal with it, have faith and just like all the other battles we've face over the years, we will conquer.

Be brave everyone! The year has just started. Some of you may have faced their first battle for the year, hold on tight 'cause you got a long way to go. Cheers to all!

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Hangover Part 2

There's a lot of great movies this year. And I am not planning in skipping them all out. Unfortunately, I've been pretty busy this past few days, in result, got a little to no time in watching a movie. Good thing, one of my many good friends, helped me with my many task for the day that made me have the break that I needed, even just for a day.

So I started with "Hangover 2". After watching the movie, I was like - "Wait, that was weird" then my friend goes, "I know!! F*cking hilarious". Then I said, "No, not the movie, well, yeah it is actually the movie. But no, wait, that's not what I meant. What I'm trying to say is, why the hell did we watched this, I haven't seen the first one?!". Then we all started laughing. But anyways, I understood the story well, and liked it. I kinda see myself in them, you know, the three lead guys. How? Let me tell you about it...

See, my cousins and I are really close. Well, not that close that we tell each other everything. In fact, we really don't know much about each other 'cause we only meet like every time there's a family celebration and since our family is big, we celebrate it at our home, which is also big to fit us all. 

So why do I say that me and my cousins are really close? Really close by alcohol. I know what your thinking, that we're all alcoholic, drunken teens, but no, we drink 'cause there's a celebration going on. Did that even make sense? Anyways, so yeah, every time there's a party at our home, alcohol will always be present, I mean, all parties have it, some just have wine; actually we do too, sometimes.

Its amazing actually 'cause our relatives actually give us money to buy our own alcohol. And we don't just stick with beers. You name it, and I'm pretty sure we've already tried it. Cool huh? But I know some parents won't agree with them, I say - mind your own business. Kidding. Its all good, we're all at the legal age anyways.

So every time there's a party, we always drink. And mostly we do the parties during Friday, so by the next, there's no classes for us and kids (we have lots of children in our family now). And most of my relatives are the bosses, so they can really skip work. 

Back to I was saying, we always drink when there's a family party, except for children parties, no alcohol allowed, obviously.

We often finish drinking the next day, and just like at the movie, we mostly forgot everything that had happened. And we mostly find ourselves in the most odd places when we wake up. Like there was this one time, my cousin woke up at the gate and the guard doing some rounds woke him up. It was all messed up, he thought he was going to jail. My other cousin woke up in the comfort room, lying on his own vomit, now that's just gross. The other one woke up in pool! But don't worry, his body wasn't literally in the pool, just his feet. But when he woke, his feet was all wrinkly. There's a whole lot more, but if I tell them all, I think it will take me hours, 'cause trust, when I tell you everything you wouldn't understand, I will have to tell you all from the beginning.

Also, I have a lot of cousins. And if I write everything what happened during and after and like I said I would even have to include the before part, I swear they will kill me! And of course, I wouldn't say where I ended waking up, you might use it against me. Smarty-pants!

Now that is just at one event, the recent one actually. But we're family, so we all just laugh when we talk about it. Its fun, its very stress free. I mean, I know drinking too much is bad, but we don't really drink like every day. And drinking every now and then, is like, a break for me, for us. You know, from all the stress of school, work, the everyday problems that I face. That also goes for my cousins. But of course, I also do some other relaxing activities to relieve my stress, not just drinking. Just so you know.

Also, just FYI, we have never woken up in another far away place after drinking. But we did woke up in another place, its kinda far, but not as far as Bangkok. That is just insane.

So, I really didn't talked about the movie, huh? Well to let you know, I enjoyed it. I just advised the children no to watch. But, if you allow your kids (if you have kids) or your younger relatives, or siblings, I mean, go ahead, I wouldn't want to get in between you and your family.

You all know that's a joke, right? Right.

So... Who else had a Hangover recently? Raise your empty glasses, and fill them up 'cause we are thirst-eh!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Chariol Necklace with Heart Pendant with Diamond

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Friday, June 3, 2011

It's My Plate (Re-blogged)

Hi friends!  I just decided to start a log of the many dining places I go to mainly just to share the experience.  My prayer is for this to blossom into a worthy food blog, that is not just another food blog.  How different--well, it will hopefully be different one day.  Let's start with things that are remarkable!  With your comments, this will soon grow into something we will all enjoy.

Some might not agree with me at times.  No problem there.  Speak out.  What is in my plate isn't in your plate and there will always be a plate for everybody. 

My lunch plate today was at UPPER EAST (NDC Building, Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village).  Lovely place--I love the decor and wish I thought of it myself.  This is the definition of cozy!  Time seems to tick slower in this restaurant oblivious of the buzz of Makati.  

Lunch started with Mushroom soup that had chopped fresh mushrooms in a creamy cheesey soup.  That was different.  And a nice muffin on the side.  Never trief muffin and soup before, but it was a great way to start!  I had a big plate of  Classic Meatloaf--a big slab of meatloaf topped with melted cheese, sitting on a bed of mashed potatoes amidst a lake of gravy.  It was a BIGGG serving, shared it with Papi; on the condition he let me try the porkchop.  Very reminiscent of home--made me want to make meatloaf for the weekend.  On second thoughts, I'll spare myself the trouble and just come back for more. :-)))  And the porkchop was a good choice, too--smoked, tender, juicy, it's sooo good that you won't feel guilty eating the fat.  Eclairs are not to be missed.  Tried both the vanilla and mocha eclairs--wonderful meal enders.  Missed the chocolate eclair, but there will be a next time, and a next, and a next.

Aside from the food, I noticed something remarkable--there was only one server today, and she happens to be the manager, too.  Well, Upper East is the laboratory restaurant of AHA Philippines, and school hasn't resumed, so it's just the full-time kitchen staff and the manager running the place.  But, this goes to show that the number of waiters in a restau doesn't guarantee good service--it's about efficiency, baby!  The meal was well-timed, water constantly refilled, we felt taken cared of--even as there were several other diners to attend to.  Thumbs up. Miss Malou!

Upper East: remarkable!

Change plate, please . . .

Re-blogged from my former professor, Ms. Germaine Salvador, as requested by Erica
Here is the link of the original: It's My Plate

Friday, May 27, 2011


Manila Food and Beverage Expo 2011

It is the time of the year again where all professionals from the industry come together in one hall, one event, and showcase talents, products and service, this is the MAFBEX 2011.

It is the most comprehensive food show in the country. It is an Expo of small and large scale of food business, attracting buyers and promote local and international food products and businesses. It offers a whole range of food, beverage and equipment from many parts of the world. It is certainly an event where you can gain a lot of knowledge from the latest in the Agricultural Industry.

My school had been supporting MAFBEX for years already. Even though I'm no longer a part of my school since I graduated, I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing there booth there, and so are the other culinary schools.

See you there!

Entrance Fee is 50php.