Friday, June 3, 2011

It's My Plate (Re-blogged)

Hi friends!  I just decided to start a log of the many dining places I go to mainly just to share the experience.  My prayer is for this to blossom into a worthy food blog, that is not just another food blog.  How different--well, it will hopefully be different one day.  Let's start with things that are remarkable!  With your comments, this will soon grow into something we will all enjoy.

Some might not agree with me at times.  No problem there.  Speak out.  What is in my plate isn't in your plate and there will always be a plate for everybody. 

My lunch plate today was at UPPER EAST (NDC Building, Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village).  Lovely place--I love the decor and wish I thought of it myself.  This is the definition of cozy!  Time seems to tick slower in this restaurant oblivious of the buzz of Makati.  

Lunch started with Mushroom soup that had chopped fresh mushrooms in a creamy cheesey soup.  That was different.  And a nice muffin on the side.  Never trief muffin and soup before, but it was a great way to start!  I had a big plate of  Classic Meatloaf--a big slab of meatloaf topped with melted cheese, sitting on a bed of mashed potatoes amidst a lake of gravy.  It was a BIGGG serving, shared it with Papi; on the condition he let me try the porkchop.  Very reminiscent of home--made me want to make meatloaf for the weekend.  On second thoughts, I'll spare myself the trouble and just come back for more. :-)))  And the porkchop was a good choice, too--smoked, tender, juicy, it's sooo good that you won't feel guilty eating the fat.  Eclairs are not to be missed.  Tried both the vanilla and mocha eclairs--wonderful meal enders.  Missed the chocolate eclair, but there will be a next time, and a next, and a next.

Aside from the food, I noticed something remarkable--there was only one server today, and she happens to be the manager, too.  Well, Upper East is the laboratory restaurant of AHA Philippines, and school hasn't resumed, so it's just the full-time kitchen staff and the manager running the place.  But, this goes to show that the number of waiters in a restau doesn't guarantee good service--it's about efficiency, baby!  The meal was well-timed, water constantly refilled, we felt taken cared of--even as there were several other diners to attend to.  Thumbs up. Miss Malou!

Upper East: remarkable!

Change plate, please . . .

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